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The Titanic

by Paul Mahan

WHILE the thoughts of many are once again upon the Titanic, we need to see the correlation between that ship and this world. You may recall how that many, before the Titanic craze, were taken up with Noah's ark, and how it was commercialized into trinkets and jewelry. Shortly there-after, Titanic fever set in. Well, the profound irony of it all struck me; how that all persons will someday find themselves in one of those two boats. The Titanic, which represents this world, and the ark of Noah, which represents Christ. All will be found someday in one of those vessels. And let me remind us... only one of them floated.

It is another profound irony to me that man has made a romance out of a story of death and judgment. God sunk that ship because men said it wouldn't sink. Over 1500 souls went to meet God in the judgment that night. This mockery and romanticizing of death and judgment is indicative of the times and proof of the nearness of our Lord's return. Peter spoke of "scoffers" in the last days, and those who refused to believe there was a flood. These unbelievers will also refuse the certain signs of Christ's return (II Peter 3:3-10).

The Titanic was the greatest achievement in shipbuilding at the time. It was the largest, most luxurious, most beautiful ship known to man. The architect declared it "unsinkable." Everyone marveled at this wonderful invention of man. People clamored to got on board. But in spite of it's beauty, in spite of it's glory, in spite of man's wisdom and knowledge, in spite of what everyone thought.., that boat sunk! The Titanic represents all that is in the world; man's inventions, man's religion. This world has great appeal to most; it's beauty, glory, inventions and enjoyments are LIFE to most of the inhabitants of it. Most clamor to be and obtain all that this world is and has. MAN'S RELIGION, like this world, is full of man's inventions, man's works, man's thoughts, opinions, traditions and idols. Many are clamoring to get in religion. Millions are getting on board the new cruise ship . . ."Charismatic". But this world and all it's man-made religion is going down.

The ark which God told Noah to build, was to most, a crude and ugly thing. Why it was made of wood and covered with pitch (tar). There was no outward beauty about that boat to make folks desire to get in it. There were no adornments or fleshly attractions about it; just a plain wooden boat. Those on board that ark were of no reputation, fame, fortune, worldly wisdom or influence...Why, it's inhabitants were the likes of SHEEP! But in spite of man's disdain; in spite of man's unbelief:, in spite of popular opinion; in spite of it all, that ship was unsinkable for it was a ship of God's design. It was a boat which God would uphold in spite of hell and high-water. All on board that ship were spared the wrath of God and landed safe on dry land. THAT ARK IS CHRIST! And all found "In Christ" when the overflowing scourge of God's wrath comes upon this planet, will be spared God's wrath, judgment and hell, and Will land safe on Heaven's shore. Because Christ is that ark, the salvation of God's design (purpose) and God's work. He is the Architect, Builder, Captain, and even the ship itself. None in Christ will ever perish.

Legend has it that most persons on board the Titanic, even upon hearing that it had struck an ice-berg, refused to believe that the ship was going to sink. Many continued to eat, sleep and recreate, when in just a few minutes they would meet with a watery grave. And in spite of all the fore warnings of God in His Word and displays of His wrath in nature; . . . most refuse to believe this world is perishing and continue to polish its brass! And I believe that most would choose rather a few moments of pleasure aboard a sinking ship than discipleship in Christ. "Where is the promise of His coming? (II Pet.3:4), Why, it is all around us! Look at the sky.., it is "red and lowring." Get in the Ark! Come to Christ TODAY, while it is called today!

Pastor Paul Mahan has been the minister of Central Baptist Church in Rocky Mount, Virginia since 1989, preaching the Gospel of God's Sovereign Grace.

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